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Aaron Longfield

address: 4 Beaman Rd, Sterling, MA 01564


phone: (508) 281-4342  email: [email protected]





·        C#, Java, SQL, C/C++, BASH shell script, Perl, Python

Operating Environments:

·        Windows 2003 Server, 2008 Server, 2012 Server

·        CentOS/RHEL 4-6

·        Amazon AWS


·        Data backup and archival policy and implementation

·        VMware vSphere test/prod environment setup and admin

·        Host and network security, hardening, IPS/IDS

·        AWS Lambda, Kinesis, EC2 development

·        Hortonworks HDP (Hadoop) admin and development

·        Microsoft SQL Server admin and development


Lead DevOps Engineer

2016 – Present


Vistaprint – Business Intelligence, Waltham, MA

  • Management of MS SQL Servers
  • ETL and schema development for data warehousing
  • Data streaming dev on Hadoop (Storm and HBase), AWS Lambda, AWS Kinesis, and various EC2 based instances
  • Management of Hortonworks HDP Hadoop environment
  • Development of NiFi data streams and platform implementation



Lead Operations Support Engineer

2012 - 2016


Vistaprint Corporate Solutions, Waltham, MA

Vistaprint, Lexington, MA

  • Debug and patch development for production issues
  • Worked directly with product owners and external partners during any production incidents and outage causing maintenance
  • Ongoing development in support of existing external partners
  • Work with other dev teams in the organization to stabilize production incidents
  • Develop extensions to support integration with third party manufacturing partners



Professional Tutor

2010 - 2012


Fitchburg State University, Fitchburg, MA

  • Learning assistance to students in the Computer Science program
  • Conduct assessment and targeted learning programs
  • Provide continuous evaluation of student progress


UNIX Systems Administrator

2008 –2010


LiveWire Mobile, Littleton, MA

  • Operation of a 24x7 high availability environment that covers multiple customers and time zones
  • MySQL database administration, including query optimization, engine optimization, repair, and database design
  • Provide support for code enhancements, debugging, and new implementation of Perl and Java server applications, deployed under Apache httpd/mod_perl, WebLogic and Apache Tomcat
  • Design and implementation of new tools to enable better workflow of large-scale media import, conversion, and end-use publishing
  • Deployment management for changes to production environment
  • VMware migration, deployment, and performance optimization, including extensive virtualization of existing physical environments
  • Development and support of new and existing data reporting platforms; data mining of subscriber history information
  • Linux platform hardening and acceptance testing


Release Engineer



LiveWire Mobile, Littleton, MA

NMS Communications, Framingham, MA

  • Responsible for build, release, and source control systems on RHEL and Solaris
  • Design and development of new Python based build and release platform, allowing for much finer control of build and more rapid development processes
  • Development of build and install automation for all products, including Sprint Music Store, MySQL, and WebLogic platform and applications, drastically reducing upgrade time requirements and eliminating manual procedures
  • Implementation of new application platform and data center deployment tools, allowing for a consistent platform across test and production deployments
  • Sustaining engineering for Sprint Music Store and Bell Mobility music store
  • Development of new shell scripts to support product installation and config
  • Documentation of platform, systems, data escrow, and applications
  • Product investigation, documentation, and technology transfer through corporate merger


MIS Director

2004 - 2008


Town of Auburn, Auburn, MA

  • Technology planning for the Town MIS and other departments
  • Responsible for technology operating and capital budgets
  • Development and admin of systems (UNIX and Windows), networks, and platform integration
  • Administration of Oracle based assessing platform
  • Maintenance of municipal area network; design and implementation of WAN and VPN
  • Operation of Cisco based network infrastructure
  • Design and implementation of LAMP based CMS for public information management
  • Operation and maintenance of municipal financial system (MUNIS)
  • Administration of telecommunications equipment
  • Cost analysis and reduction, including 50% decrease in telecommunication expenses for landline and cellular handsets and drastic reduction in software licensing costs
  • Implementation of VMware virtualized production environments
  • Design and initial implementation of new GIS platform
  • Backup and data archive policy, design, and system implementation


Independent Consultant

2003 - 2004


Milford, MA

  • Development of framework for web application templates using PHP and Apache on CentOS platform
  • Web design using custom developed framework
  • System and network administration
  • Security hardening and infrastructure maintenance
  • Failure recovery of servers and storage systems


Infrastructure Specialist III



Fleet Libris Information Solutions, Kingston, NY

  • Administration of government banking HP-UX systems for NY tax infrastructure
  • Security auditing and advisory response
  • Supporting users of HP-UX servers
  • Evaluation and test of new software releases
  • Staging of new builds from development to test and production environment


Systems Engineer

2001 - 2002


adAlive.com, Waltham, MA

  • Design and implementation of host security on Linux servers and embedded systems
  • Server and network maintenance and administration
  • Server and embedded systems development with C/C++ and Perl
  • Sustaining engineering of embedded and server based products
  • Development on Linux IrDA kernel stack and wireless network drivers
  • Embedded system design using heavily customized RedHat Linux platform


Systems Administrator

2000 - 2001


Emperative, Waltham, MA

  • Server maintenance and administration (Linux, Solaris, Windows)
  • Network admin and security of Cisco firewalls and VPN
  • Support and consulting for sales engineering and development teams
  • Building of telecom labs for demonstration and network simulation
  • Coordination of network setup and internet connectivity during building relocation, as well as responsibility for reinstallation of network equipment and servers


Assistant Systems Administrator

1999 - 2000


WPI Electrical and Computer Engineering Dept, Worcester, MA

  • Support of students, faculty, and research labs
  • Network and host management software development (C++, BASH shell)
  • Design and development of machine cloning system
  • Building and maintenance of OS and application images
  • Administration of highly heterogeneous OS environment (Windows, Linux, HP-UX, Solaris, DEC OSF/1, Compaq Tru64, ULTRIX) with Linux and DEC OSF/1 servers


Computer Science

Minors: Mathematics, Biology

Fitchburg State University, Fitchburg, MA

2009 - 2012

  • Java application design and implementation
  • Statistics
  • Digital logic
  • Cloud computing
  • Android development
  • Algorithm design and optimization


Electrical Engineering

Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester, MA

1997 - 2000

  • Advanced operating system concepts and design
  • Computer network technology and software design
  • Structured and Object Oriented programming
  • Computer processor organization and x86 assembly language
  • Software engineering and team management


Aaron Longfield,
Dec 18, 2016, 8:16 PM